(Hey Players, hey readers. this campaign is currently in it’s planning stages. it may take awhile (even a few months) till this gets going, so… there it is.)

“Rum in your gut,
treasure in your hold,
a wench on the side,
and blood on the waters!
that be the life of an islands’ man!”

The witchling Isles campaign is based one the “The 6 Elements Campaign” i once saw and loved greatly. (i asked for permission to use the materials presented) however is only loosely based on it- mostly the map, parts of the history and inspiration.

It is also based loosely on the Firefly series concept- a bunch of not-quite-legit people forming a crew, tied to a ship and trying to live life and seize opportunities. only… you know- no space and so on.

other than that, it’s mostly my ideas, who are probably influenced by some other sources i can’t figure out.

h3. what’s different about this campaign?

- though it will start with some hooks, it will be influenced largely by the groups decision, quite a bit of a “sandbox feel” to it. this may be a bit different for our group, who mostly followed a GM paved path.

- i differentiated between cultures by the races and classes possible, as long as some other mechanics and flavorful stuff. hopefully they will feel interesting and compelling enough.

- we have never dealt with piracy and what it might entail- running from the law (The Empire), all that pertains to ships and sea voyage,and running and trading goods and services.

The Witchling Isles