a new world of opportunity

Rebirth of Arkruz (343- 345 years of Freedom):

the Empire relented to build the city again, even have an islands council, that will help the Empire’s rule. The city was built on the ruins of the old one, but this time with some Empire’s engineering along with islands’ style). Also , the Empire decided that there will be a separate body, fully under their control- “the hag court”, which is to be responsible of handling (and monitoring) exceptional hag activity. Many dislikes the two appointed courts, but perhaps some good can come out of it.

The empire has since kept surveillance on both councils/ courts, but interfered only a little (or so it seems?) Arkruz has once more returned to be a big prosperous city.

The age of Piracy and the coming of gunpowder (346- current time: 372 years of freedom):

The vizikian had a new invention- gun powder (still fairly weak). Immediately the Empire monopolized it, forbidding any islander of possessing it on a severe punishment. The Vizikian were disallowed to sell it to the islanders of course. In the past 6 years, new weapons were seen on Empire ships- Stone throwers (Storm wrack book, sort of primitive cannons) It seemed the empire have gotten one more advantage, but things changeā€¦

The Empire has it’s own trouble, and so it can’t spare so many ships for escorting trade ships with the Sebiccai and Vizikian, also, it couldn’t keep that strong a hold on the islands. All this meant that though the Empire is still far to strong to face directly, in directness can yield great result, if you have the guts.

The age of Piracy has begun- ships not aligned with any island, nation or the like (mostly to prevent the island/ nation suffering if they get caught). Preying on both empire merchant ships, and island ships as well. A profit is a profit, no?

What will the future bring?

a new world of opportunity

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