the first years

The first elven-orc war (87- 104 years of Freedom):

up till then we could build water crafts, but simple ones, to fish, to get to the nearest isle, but nothing major. It was the elves of Suel who built the first worthy ships. Nothing like today’s wing ships, but still sea worthy. Not long after they came in contact with the orcs of Dunlem. And not long after, the first elf- orc war started. The two races just don’t like each other. The nature inclined elves brought deadly archers, spirit shaman and some hex blades, while the orcs (who were heavily under the influence of dragons) brought Drake blades and Dragon shamans, amongst other things. Both yielded many rage warriors and more.

Strangely enough, this brought many races out of isolation- the orcs and elves sought resources, warriors and magic (elves are not great magician in this world)from any source possible, and paid in barter and more. They would not enslave, as this is the first unspoken rule of the isles- all people are free! You can wage war, but never enslave. But they brought knowledge, mostly ship knowledge, to the different isles.

The first elven orc war subsided, due to not having enough resources on either side. The two races agreed on an end to violence, but orc and elven ships clashed still on occasion.

“The Spreading” first age of exploration. (101- 145 years of Freedom):

The races started to explore, and they started to mingle (a little). But this encompassed only mid east of the isles, what about the rest? Every island, as best they could, built ships (or A ship) and sent their courageous people out, to chart unknown waters, establish relations, get resources, and loot what’s possible.

This brought knowledge of other cultures, races, ideas, tools and more. An explosion of growth! ( lists of nations and people discovered: Thurka, Hoblinth, the volcano island of Arkruz, others )

But also of raids, tiny wars, and bloodshed. We were not a united people, and some people took advantage of others. Life was exhilarating, unknown, and potentially dangerous. The elven, orc and other powers ?hobgoblins? powers tried to establish some sort of order, but the people of the isles, and perhaps the power of the mixed blessing would not allow it.

This age also gave rise to new traditions of witches. First, with the rise of sea voyage, some isles found the power of windsinger, then mostly responsible for battling the winds, but their influence grew steadily.

Secondly, some witches (especially Dracos) chose to use this era of confusion to gain power. In response, the tradition of Witch knives came to be, giving a shock to most witches.

the first years

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