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ok folks, since i know you don’t like to read, this wiki is divided to 3:

  • an all important (and fairly short) “what every islander knows” which i DO expect you to learn. that is flavor only.
  • the rest are expansions on some of the main subjects, including rules for them.
  • expanded knowledge: this mainly deals with history, places and other flavor of the world, in more depth than the basics.

what any islander should know
people of the isles and beyond this deals with races

sword and witchcraft classes

talents and bloody know how! skills and feats

mixed blessings a new rule set

laws of the vast blue deep ship rues, combat in waters, weather and more

tools of the job new items, ships, and more.
A Wind singer’s tale history

ports of interest places

the Empire more about this potent but secretive force.

the Far Traders a bit more about them

Main Page

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